In House and outsourced services are available to cater for the widest range of Emotional Behavioral Difficulties.

Inter agency work is at the Heart of our ethos and methods of work. We make full use of all services made available in the Community and access them to give the best outcome to our varied client groups.

This encompasses services such as Psychotherapist, Lifeline, CAMHS and counselling services.

In addition, we work closely with partners and professionals as we have formed an extensive network of complementary providers.

1- The Residential Care Service Provision for children and Young People from family that have breakdown

2- The Intensive Support Care package – To support young people and families in the Community and to prevent a possible family breakdown.


For all referrals, please call 0121 554 9077 and/or complete the referral form available to download on the Referrals page.

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