Residential Care

Abronah Care children's residential homes specialises in working with young people who have emotional behavioural difficulties, complex needs and who require individualized resources to meet their needs.

We provide a therapeutic, secure and supportive environment and as such we prioritise individual acceptance, consistency and a Solution Focused Approach to change.

Our Residential Units offers vacancies for young people of either gender and we are Ofsted registered.

We offer a stable home with individual care planning for young people and ensure that we work in consultation with the children and other stakeholders to provide a positive outcome.

We understand that some young people maybe excluded from full time education, therefore our residential units makes provisions for the education of young people by providing a qualified Teacher, pending assessment for main stream or specialist schools. Where necessary our staff works in consultation with Look After Children Educational Services (LACES) and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) to ensure that the appropriate educational facilities are identified. Education is treated as a priority.

Our client groups includes children with Emotional Behavioural Difficulties (EBD), Learning Disabilities (LD), Mental Health and Complex Needs.

Please ask for a copy of our Statement of Purpose to find out more about our residential model and services.


For all referrals, please call 0121 554 9077 and/or complete the referral form available to download on the Referrals page.

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