About us

Abronah Care was founded in 2004 and commenced operations in Feb 2005. The company started with one home which was registered for 4 young people.

Our vision is to work with the community to provide children's homes with an environment that is conducive to contemporary family life. Our passion is to invest in children for their future. In doing so, we believe that the young people in our care will move on into adulthood and be fully integrated as part of the community to function as a valuable and successful citizen.

Our aim is to actively promote and progress the assessed development stages of the young person by working in partnership with families, placing authorities, supporting agencies and other stakeholders. We aim to use the necessary resources and ideas to provide services to meet the young person's needs, while ensuring best outcomes.

We are based in the West Midlands. Our homes are registered with Ofsted and are for young people from 8 to under 18. We provide care for both genders in a nurturing and supportive environment, with a trained staff team who are culturally sensitive.

We accommodate long/medium/short term placements for children, young people and young adults (16+). We deliver an effective programme of change which supports young people in education, training and employment in the community, with the focus to achieve a positive outcomes.


For all referrals, please call 0121 554 9077 and/or complete the referral form available to download on the Referrals page.

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