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Honours Award for Residential Care

19 February 2015

Department for Education Sanctuary Buildings Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT Tel: 0370 000 2288 Date: 13 February 2015 Dear Colleague, We want to encourage those working in children’s homes to consider whether they know individuals they feel deserve to be recognised through the honours system for their commitment to working with children in residential care. We know there are many in the sector who go above and beyond and we would like to see more residential care workers and managers being recognised with honours. We are particularly keen to see nominations come from all parts of our diverse workforce and from across the country. We receive very few nominations for those involved in children’s homes so have selected a number of providers and representative organisations to raise awareness of and encourage participation in the honours process.

The British honours system is one of the oldest in the world and has evolved over 650 years to the system we use today. Honours are awarded to people from all sections of society and all walks of life. In the same way that many different types of people work in children’s homes, many different types of people can be nominated for and awarded honours. Those that are awarded honours are exceptional people. Do you know someone in the sector who has made a significant difference, has demonstrated exemplary or selfless service, earned the respect of their peers or improved the lives of those less able to help themselves?

• More information about the honours system can be found at: • Examples of foster carers who have been awarded honours can be found here: You’ll find the nomination form here: Please send the nomination form and supporting materials directly to us by replying to this email by 10 April at the latest if you would like the application to be considered as part of the next honours round. After that there will be several months before the process has to be completed for the round after that (it’s roughly a six monthly cycle). So nominations after the 10 April will still be welcomed but it would be fabulous if we were able to get as many nominations as we can for this round.

So what makes a strong nomination? It will be widely supported (by the LA, the community and current or previous residents of the children’s homes). The care worker(s) or manager(s) will have worked in residential care for many years/have worked with lots of children/ worked with particularly challenging children and/or will maintain contact with those they cared for. They might also be strongly involved with the wider residential care sector (perhaps contributing to local policy development, delivering training, helping to improve care in homes, supporting/mentoring other residential carer workers).

Supporting testimonies from children living in/who have lived in the workers/managers children’s home, other residential carer workers and birth parents also strengthen nominations. If you are nominating someone please ensure that they are NOT told about…