T Family story

Mr and Mrs T were referred to the Crisis Team because they were homeless as they had to leave the friends address where they were staying because he was moving away. Mrs T was 7 months pregnant with their first child. Mr T had an appointment with UKBA to submit fresh representations prepared by his solicitor but the immediate problem was nowhere to stay.

CRC made an application for section 4 support based on the heavy pregnancy and the fresh representations and communicated with the Home Office on the urgency of the case. The caseworker had to try to find somewhere for this couple to sleep in the short term.

There was one room free at CRC’s Hope House awaiting a housing benefit client so we were able to offer the couple a room to stay in. We also gave food and a small amount of money for personal items and toiletries. Meanwhile their application for support from the Home Office was considered and support was granted for Mr T, but bizarrely Mrs T was not included. The caseworker liased with The Home Office on their behalf, explaining the urgency as by now Mrs T was 8 months pregnant and eventually they were moved into Section 4 Housing in Manchester where they went on to deliver a healthy baby boy. The family have now received their leave to remain.