L's Story

L is a native of Afghanistan and came to the UK as an unaccompanied minor. On his 18th birthday Social Services relinquished responsibility and he was taken on by our Migrant Support Service.

His most immediate need was for suitable accommodation. Having rejected unsuitable offers from Social Services, finding suitable accommodation and helping him settle was problematic and time consuming. In the meantime he stayed at friends’ houses on sofas and floors. Suitable rented properties were unavailable and he was victim of a string of unfortunate circumstances. He was a challenging client to work with but as the caseworker built a rapport, he gradually recognised his fate to be in his own hands and took control of his situation. As well as accomodation there were many other issues with which he needed help; applying for benefits, setting up bank accounts and payment plans for bills and utilities, signposting him to leisure facilities, contacting his solicitor etc.

He has now come a long way since his 18th birthday and is now capable of developing his new life, at the time of writing he is about to be successfully signed off the project.